New Guns at our Gun Range

I have talked about how we have opened up our new gun range here at Millington Parks and it has been a great success so far. people seem to love it and a lot of people have said that they enjoy the place. I am always trying to make it better for our customers and that is exactly what is going down here. I know that a lot of people want to go shooting but don’t actually have the money or the means to have their own gun.

So we have come up with the idea to have some guns that people can rent for their time at the range. I think that everyone is going to really love the new guns at the shop and I am really excited to get this idea rolling. T

he first gun that will be available for rent here at the range is going to be the extremely popular AR15. This only makes sense since almost everyone enjoys shooting this gun and it will be available soon.

To make it even better there are going to customizations that you can do to the gun before you shoot it. There will be a whole selection of different types of ar15 stocks to choose from so that your gun can be any way that you like.

ar rifle

Another often requested add-on is an upper receiver for the ar so we have decided to make them available for all customers. These are really expensive so we will not have a lot in stock but we will have more if people like it.

The last item that is openly available will be top of the line ar15 barrels to choose from. These barrels will allow for complete customization to your gun and you will be able to finely tune the gun to your specific liking.

I think with the new additions of being able to rent a gun to shoot and the ability to customize it anyway that you would like is going to be something that a lot of you will enjoy! we will be working hard to get this going for all of you and it should be open to the public really soon.

Make sure that you come by the gun range within the next week or two and see if the new rentals are possible. Make sure to tell anyone you knew about this and see you around the range!

Millington Park Gun Range

I am happy to announce that a new gun range is coming to Millington Park. I know there are a lot of gun enthusiasts in this town and is something they they have pulling for the last couple years. They have finally got their wish and it will be open to the public soon. 

They also have a class that will help people that have never shot a gun before and the class will teach everyone how to shoot and how to be safe. So if you are a noob when it comes to guns don’t worry because they will make you an expert in no time.

For mosin nagant upgrades click here

Check out the links below to find out more info about guns before the gun range opens up!

Do you like guns? Then check out TZ-Case. They have all the MOSIN nagant modifications that you could ever ask for. That is where I picked up my mosin nagant custom thumbhole stock and my mosin nagant scope. The scope really improved my mosin’s accuracy.

I am really excited for this gun range to open up and I hope to see a lot of you there when it opens up. Feel free to come by whenever and don’t forget your favorite gun!

Millington Parks Wood Projects

Millington Park is busy on some new wood projects this month and I am excited to let you all know about them. I think that you will all love some of the ideas and I think it will be a fun time.

The first project that we are going to be making is a bird house. This is a classic wood working project and is something that one should at least make once in their lifetime. This project won’t take too much work with saws or power tools.

The next wood project is going to be a desk. Everyone needs a desk to do their homework so this project will be a good one. This one will take a good amount of power tools so be ready for that. I would think at least some use of a miter saw or wood band saw. Either way a power saw is going to be needed at some point.

The last project is going to be a jewelry box. This is a neat wood project that will be perfect for your wife! I would suggest using a small portable table saw which will help you get the correct lengths of wood.

Those are just some of the wood projects this month so come back for more next month. Thanks for reading and safe cutting!

Miter Saw


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